ESign Integrations contains eSign integrations that allow you to request eSignatures on submitted forms

Overview allows integration with eSignature providers to capture an eSignature, a digital signature, from one or many signers. This process is customizable and works for both PDF and API forms.

How to use

Signature Component

To utilize an eSignature component, you need to drag and drop a Signature component from the Premium section onto a form
Drag and drop the Signature component onto a form
Doing so will open the Signature component edit modal. Clicking on the "Providers" tab will show a drop down containing our current eSignature providers.
Current Providers:
  • Default - this is a standard digital signature that should be signed upon form submission
  • Box Sign - integrates with the Box Signature flow (COMING SOON)
When selecting a provider other than Default, there should appear a "Signer Email" and a "Signer Order" field:
  • Signer Email - The email address of the person needing to provide a signature. This can be a string email address or an interpolated value. For example, in the above screenshot, the value is {{data.emailAddress}}. This assumes there is another component on the form whose display and API value is "Email Address". Whatever the value of this component is upon submission will be substituted for {{data.emailAddress}}
  • Signer Order - The order in which this recipient should receive an email request for signature. By default, Box sign reserves 0 for the service account signing on behalf so please start numbering in this field from 1. Example: any value between 1 and integer max value.

eSign Action (coming soon with Box Sign Provider Integration)

You will need to add the eSign action under the Form's "Actions" tab. This can be done by selecting "eSign (Premium)" from the drop down on the Actions page.
The eSign action screen contains a lot of various options. Let's walk through it in depth.
  • Approvers - Recipients who need to approve a document sent for eSignature, but do not need to provide a signature. The values here can be a string email address or an interpolated value. Example values: [email protected] or {{data.approverEmailAddress}}
  • Final Signed Copy Recipients - Recipients who need to be sent a copy of the signed document once signing has been completed. The values here can be a string email address or an interpolated value. Example values: [email protected] or {{data.finalCopyRecipientEmail}}
  • Automatically redirect to E-Sign provider on Form Submit - By checking this box, the form will automatically redirect to Box Sign's website upon form submission to allow the person submitting the form to provide a signature. Note that there is no redirect back to upon signature completion. You will have to navigate back to
  • Email Subject - A custom email subject to be included in the signature request email. Valid values are string values. Example: Please eSign this form
  • Email Message - A custom email message to be included in the signature request email. Valid values are string values. Example: This is my test email message
  • Name of upload PDF File - The name you wish to customize for the file when uploaded to Box Sign. Valid values are string values. By default, if you leave this field blank, the name of the file when uploaded to box will be the submission id. Example: My request form

eSign Integration Settings

Before you submit a form, you must make sure you have set the appropriate eSign integration settings set on your project's settings.
Fill out the eSign integration settings here

How It Works with Box Sign (coming soon) communicates with Box Sign via Server to Server with JWT Tokens. You will need to be aware that if you have any networking rules, the API Server will need to have access to making this request to Box. uses the Box node SDK when communicating with Box.
After authentication with your Box Sign App (see next page for example on how to set that up), the API does the following:
  1. 1.
    Creates a folder named in the following format: formId - submissionId. This is currently not customizable via
  2. 2.
    Uploads a PDF copy of the form submission into this newly created folder. When generating a PDF copy, the API will embed a white-colored signing tag ([ [ s | 1 ] ]) for Box Sign's API to know where to place a signature.
  3. 3.
    Creates a sign request process based on the current configurations provided.


Why does have to create a folder on my box drive every time I submit my form and not just upload the file to be signed to the root directory?
Answer: By default, Box Sign cannot successfully create a signature request when uploading to the parent directory whose value is '0', which is the root directory. Please see this resource here for further explanation.
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