Getting Started With

If you are deploying locally using Docker containers, please review the Local Deployment Guide.
You’ve just signed up with and wondering what to do next. Below are some basic steps to get you going with the platform.

Create a Project

Projects are the main working areas within and contain all of your Forms, Resources, and data. Each Project is typically associated with a single Application or Website. Start your journey by creating your first project!

Create a Team

Teams allow different users to collaborate on a project together. Add a Member to a Team using their email address. You can assign multiple teams to a project and configure permission levels for each. Create a team and add your colleagues for form-building collaboration.

Create a Form

Use the Form Builder to add components to your form, configure your components using the available settings, add Layout components to change the format, and add styling. Create your first Form within your project.

Add an Action

Actions are a way of extending the functionality of your forms when certain activity happens with the form’s submissions. Add an Email action to the form so that you receive an email when a form submission has been created.

Configure Your Access Settings

Before your users can submit your Form, the Form's Access settings must first be configured. The Access settings determine who has permission to submit the form as well as view, edit, and delete submission data. Let’s set up a basic Access configuration to support Anonymous users submitting the form.

Embed Your Form

Now that our Form is ready to go, let’s embed the form into our application. If you do not have an application ready, you can use a tool like jsFiddle or Code Pen to replicate the Application environment. Make a submission against the form to ensure our access settings are working properly.
In order to utilize the Premium Components, you will first need access to the Premium Component repository.
The example above is utilizing the Vanilla Javascript framework. Other frameworks are available for embedding your Form.

View Submissions in the Developer Portal

Now that we have a submission, we can navigate to the Form’s Data Tab to review the submissions that have been submitted against the Form or Resource. Here you can search and filter on the data. Click a Submission to View, Edit, or Delete. Download a PDF copy of the submission by clicking the PDF icon when viewing a submission.